What To Expect

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Initial Consultation

A thorough case history is taken at the start to find out more about the issue you are having, this enables us to gain a deep understanding into what is causing the pain and the nature of the pain. We will also talk about your general diet and health, any medications you are taking and any past operations you have had. Please bring a detailed copy of relevant scans and past history documents if possible.



A full spinal examination and biomechanics assessment will be carried out to gauge how well the body is moving and any relevant over compensation patterns. This will show us any underlying issues and how we go about correcting the issue.



After speaking to you in depth of what the issue is and the time frame we can fix it by we can commence specialised treatment. Treatment will consist of palpatory touch, stretching, massage and manipulation. We have an array of skills which include taping and strapping and medical acupuncture dependent on the individual.

All treatments are unique to the individual patient’s complaint, so treatment techniques will vary.

Ongoing care and advice at the clinic is very important for us. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to help you.